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Fastener Plates

Fastener Plates

SKU Size (weight)
054312   2   *
054320   3" ( 1,000/pail )  
054338   2" Barbed ( 1,000/pail )  


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Galvalume-coated steel 2" or 3" round plates that provide uniform holding power on insulation, recover boardstock, Flexion® and Hy-Crown® single-ply membranes. The Conklin® fastener plates meet or exceed required wind uplift requirements in most areas. The Conklin barbed plates should be used when Factory Mutual approval is required.

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

What fasteners are available from Conklin®?

Conklin is pleased to offer the Trufast line of roofing fasteners and accessories. Trufast is the leader in the manufacture of roof fastening systems and known thoughout the industry as the "Innnovative Fastening Soulutions Specialists".

Conklin stocks the most widely used lengths of fasteners and the 2" seam plate and 3'' insulation plates. The fasteners are highest quality carbon steel #12 diameter with deep recess #3 phillps drive , anti-back out threads and custom drill point for metal and wood decks. All fasteners are finished with long life corrosion resistant coatings and are fully approved by all major roofing authorities including Factory Mutual and Underwriters Labs. The plates are constructed of heavy duty steel , precison stamped, and then coated with Galvalume for maximum corrosion resistantance. All parts are also approved in the systems of the Conklin offerings in single ply membranes and insulations.