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Rapid Roof® HV Base Coat

Rapid Roof® HV Base Coat

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Seamless, waterproof and cost-effective coating
Energy Star logoThis high-value system delivers the same waterproof, seamless flexibility and durability of Conklin’s other roofing systems, but at a lower price because it doesn’t carry the costly code approvals and fire ratings. Rapid Roof HV features an 82 percent solar reflective value and meets the requirements for the ENERGY STAR program.

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MR | Fabric

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

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What is Rapid Roof® HV?

Rapid Roof HV is an economical water-based, acrylic latex roof coating designed to be lightweight, flexible, seamless and weatherproof. Consisting of a gray base coat and an 82 percent reflective white top coat, Rapid Roof HV cures to a tack-free, dirt-resistant white finish. The "HV" stands for "High-Value", because Rapid Roof HV delivers comparable water tightness, durability, energy efficiency and flexibility to that of Rapid Roof III at a significantly lower price. Rapid Roof HV costs less because it does not contain the costly fire retardants, code approvals and fire ratings held by other Conklin acrylic roofing systems.

Rapid Roof HV is ideal for buildings which do not require fire code approvals, but need the quality protection of a Conklin seamless acrylic roofing system. Rapid Roof HV can be used over fully-adhered roll roofing, approved plywood, metal, concrete, asphalt shingles, approved boardstock insulation and smooth built-up roofing. Rapid Roof HV should NOT be used over sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam since it does not have a fire rating required for use over foam roofing.