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Alumify® General Purpose Aluminum Paint

Alumify® General Purpose Aluminum Paint

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Rejuvenate metal surfaces and structures with a smooth, tough, reflective finish that reduces UV deterioration and cooling costs. Ideal for steel or galvanized metal. Alumify handles weather extremes and resists chalking, cracking, and checking.


FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

What is the surface preparation and coverage rates for an application of Alumify?®

Prior to application of Alumify, all surfaces must be clean and dry. Prepare rusty or deteriorated painted surfaces by wire brushing, scraping or sand blasting. For rust treatment, treat the surface with a 1:20 solution of Rust Off ® multipurpose rust and oxide film remover. Rags or brushes are satisfactory. Rinse thoroughly with water and remove any trace of dirt or residue. Allow to dry thoroughly and apply Alumify at 350 - 400 sf per gallon.

 Stir thoroughly before use.

Hi what is the mils of alumify when applied to a roof

Alumify is applied a rate of 400 - 500 s.f. per US gallon. This will leave a film thickness of 1.3 - 1.7 mils.