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Wall-Up® Masonry Wall Coating

Wall-Up® Masonry Wall Coating

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Masonry wall primer & coating
This fluid-applied elastomeric coating effectively prepares above and below-grade masonry surfaces. It forms a seamless, flexible, protective seal against moisture on concrete block, raked masonry finishes, split-faced block, and more. Wall-Up is key to superior protection against the elements.

Paint walls protected by Wall-Up with Wall Kote for an appealing, scrubbable surface. One gallon covers 80 to 100 square feet.

FAQ's (Frequently asked questions)

Will this wall-up work on fold form ICF foam imsulation made by Owens Corning as a foundation coating for waterproofing ?

Wall Up has been used on Insulated Concrete Forms in the past with great success. All joints should be sealed with Kwick Kaulk prior to the Wall Up application.

How long do I have to wait before I apply Wall-Up® to my new concrete wall?

Conklin recommends you wait approximately 28 days before you apply Wall-Up® to your cast in place concrete walls (walls that are formed and poured with concrete).

Masonry block and mortar generally need 28 days of curing before application of Wall-Up®. The time could be shortened depending on the type of mortar used. High strength mortar could be coated in as little as 7 days.

Traditional stucco also requires 28 days to cure. Traditional stucco would be scratch coat, brown coat and finish coat. If the stucco on your building is a one-coat system, you generally will be able to apply Wall-Up® in 7-10 days. The one coat system has one coat of stucco applied over metal lath.

For additional information refer to the Wall-Up® Specification Guide located on the Conklin® website.

What is Wall-Up®?

Wall-Up is a versatile, fluid-applied elastomeric waterproof coating designed for interior and exterior, below-grade applications. On exterior surfaces, Wall-Up provides a waterproof, seamless, durable and weather-resistant membrane. The coating system can be applied to surfaces such as masonry block walls, cinder block, brick, poured concrete, prestresed/precast concrete, some pretreated plywood foundations, and some insulated, poured-wall foundations. On interior walls, Wall-Up will reduce seepage and surface dampness. Wall-Up has the ability to flex, especially with minor movements of the concrete. This superior elongation of over 300 percent enables Wall-Up to expand with the wall, even at subzero temperatures, to provide a durable, protective waterproof coating.

Can I apply Wallup® to a wood foundation?

No, the APA and treated wood manufacturers do not recommend that they be coated with Wall-Up or any other coating.

What is the application rate for Wall-Up?®

Wall-Up is applied in two coats. Each coat is applied at a rate of 80-100 square feet per gallon. This means that you will apply one coat using approximately 1 gallon of Wall-Up® per square and then apply a second coat at the same application rate. This two coat application will yield a total application rate of 40-50 square feet per gallon (use this 40-50 square feet rate to determine total material required for the project). Wall-Up can be applied by brush, roller or spray  depending on the project.

How do I waterproof the exterior walls of my basement?

When possible you want to coat the positive (side where the water will come in contact with the wall) side or exterior of the foundation. Use Conklin's Wall-Up, applied in two coats, each at the rate of 80-100 square feet per gallon on porous or block walls and 120-140 square feet per gallon on poured walls.

Caulk termination points, cracks, seams with Kwik Kaulk® acrylic caulking compound.

Can I get just a gallon of the wall-up Masonry Wall Coating

Wall up® is a liquid-applied, elastomeric, acrylic latex wall coating system, it is applied in two coats at a rate of:100 square feet per gallon, per coat. This product is only available in 5 and 55 gallon quantities and it can also be used as a masonry primer for our Wall Kote® elastomeric wall coating product.

what is the shelf life of this wall-up product, can it still be used if it was frozen when stored, and is it still usable after 4 years?

Wall Up is an acrylic coating and all acrylic coatings must be keep from freezing and have a 1 year shelf life. It is not recommended to use any acrylic that is over 1 year old and if it has been frozen it should be disposed of according to local regulations.